4 Reasons Why I Should Get Senior Pictures

Senior Pictures Are Important

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What is it about your senior year in high school that is so important? Why should I memorialize this time with Senior Pictures?  When I was in high school I always wondered why everyone made such a big deal about your last year of high school. Making it to this point was not an uncommon occurrence, most people have a senior year of high school, and most people have a high school graduation.  So why the fuss? I started to understand a little when I went off to college; but it was not until I was an adult that I truly understood the reasons to celebrate this time in life.

Your chance to finally be you in a yearbook!

For most of your school yearbook career you are stuck with the blurry boring cookie-cutter photo taken while you sit awkwardly on a stool with your feet on the taped arrow point and your body twisted in one direction and with your head tilted in yet another direction.  Somehow, even though you have completely different hair color than your best friend, and you wore opposite outfits, you look almost identical in the resulting photos. You get one, maybe two attempts to get a photo with both eyes open and you just have to hope you have a normal smile.  When the first set does not work out, you go for retake day, which inevitably turns out even worse. But you are stuck, because if you go for retakes, you turn in your originals and you gamble that you will luck out and have a better 10 seconds to offer the photographer.

You glance through your yearbook and you become jealous of the seniors, whose pictures stand out significantly against the other classes.  When you are senior, this will be you. You will be the person with the Senior Picture that is a colorful photo and full of life. In your Senior Photo Session you can show off your love of the outdoors, waterfalls, or even sunflowers.  You can spend time preparing for your Senior Pictures before you leave your house, or better yet get pampered with hair and makeup during the session, instead of taking a break between classes halfway through your day. Instead of hoping one of the two shots the photographer takes will work in your favor, you are able to relax and enjoy your photo session, and know you will walk away with multiple gorgeous Senior Pictures with different poses and different outfits.  For once, you have the chance to narrow down and choose the Senior Picture that best represents you in the yearbook!

Show off that side people don’t see!Senior Picture, Senior Picture with Horse, Boy Senior Picture, Special Needs Senior Picture

The right photographer can take your Senior Portrait Session to the next level and capture that uniqueness that makes you, you. Senior Pictures frequently feel forced and staged, leaving you uncomfortable, unnatural, and waiting for it to be over, but the right photographer will provide you the opportunity to relax, have fun, and show off what makes you incredible.  There are too many people in your high school to get to know the real you, but your senior photos allows you the chance to show your school, and your future self, how you see yourself and what it means to be you.

You get to be pampered!

Prior to your senior photos, most people do not have the chance to be pampered and fawned over for an hour and a half, or more.  Up until your senior photos, photography sessions typically consist of a herd of people attempting to share one or two bathrooms to get primped and primed and ready for pictures.  Then you arrive at the shoot, and it is not about you, and allowing you to shine, it is about making sure the dog is sitting and looking at the camera, and that your little brother is not crying or making a silly face.  For your senior pictures, you are the only person who matters, because the pictures are only about you. You have the right to take exclusive ownership of the bathroom to prepare, and you can relax and concentrate on yourself. And best of all, if your little sister is throwing a temper tantrum, it will finally not ruin your photo!

Your parents!

By this time in your life you are likely itching for freedom; ready to get out on your own and begin your own journey.  Even if you do not have a desire to preserve this time in your life, just remember this is one last chance for parents to momentarily stop time, and remember you as their kid.  Your parents treasure any picture of you, but it is extremely rewarding to hang that senior photo on the wall, next to all of your siblings senior photos, it is almost a symbolic gesture, a memory of what you were when they were still your world.  

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